The First Feast


25 thoughts on “The First Feast”

  1. Jehanne,

    What such a delight to watch you expressing
    your poetic thoughts about Thanksgiving in
    sign language. Perhaps you would consider
    translating the poem from ASL into English.

    You are such a darling!

  2. Jehanne, you did great and your ASL poem is terrific good. Keep up your ASL poem with your ideas and express. Happy belated thanksgiving to you.

  3. Jehanne, you rock….Lovely poem. That is a true way to describe what thanksgiving is all about.

    I had a wonderful time with you and let’s wrestle again..


  4. Jehanne:

    What an awe-inspiring poem in ASL! Look forward to more ASL vlogs from you. How about one for the holidays coming up?

    *waving hands*

  5. Oh JC, thank you and I, too, look forward seeing more of your ASL expressions and poems through these VLOGS! BTW, we met by eyesight during MICHFEST’05. Wasn’t that fun….

    Again, thanks for sharing yourself on videotape!

    ~Goddess bless~

  6. PAH! saw your vlog. LOVED every minute of it! Jehanne, you did a wonderful job. ASL poetry is a beautiful thing, and hard to do a beautiful one! Great job, Jehanne. More and more from you, please!

  7. Jehanne!

    I am very impressed at you and proud of you. Keep that self esteem and grow the new Children V-LOGS. I would be looking forward of your more.


  8. You rock, Jehanne!

    I will defintely bookmark this page to show deaf students at school as you set up a model as an young ASL poet. This will also be a great way to view when celebrating Thanksgiving!

    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Hi I enjoyed watch all your Vlogs today. you have a good creative ideas.

    you have Art skills and continue doing your Vlogs!! Thank you for email to me and looking forward to watch more of your Vlogs!! 🙂

  10. I would love to teach this to my kindergarten students but I don’t know what you are saying, can you sned me the words to your poem The First Feast? Please? Thanks- Ms. Bessie

  11. You are an inspiration to young girls like yourself. I cant wait to see what you do next!!! I work with a young girl like you who is really just getting excited about ASL and beginning to learn it better and I hope that one day you can watch her vlog. Beautiful Job!!

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