Ridor and MSD Cheerleaders

Ridor Says,

MSD Cheerleaders = Crybabies? This is hysterical. At Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, Maryland, the MSD Orioles cheerleaders wailed when they were awarded 3rd Place instead of Championship. One spectator said, “It was hysterical and absurd that these spoiled brats wailed their eyes out like they were going to enroll at the Blind Department at Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind … just because they did not win the Championship on their home floor!” 3rd Place is not that bad, honey. Suck it up, girl!


33 thoughts on “Ridor and MSD Cheerleaders”

  1. Jehanne,

    You are free to express your opinions; likewise, anybody else can as well, at least on the Internet. There are many more stuff out on the Internet you may not always agree with. Express your opinions, and move on. Don’t take any of that stuff too personally.

    Great vLog!

  2. You are smart! You are right. It is not necessary to use the word, “crybabies”. Ridor and other adults can learn from you and say things differently. MSD is lucky to have you as their student. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion.

  3. Jehanne:

    You did the right thing! Shame on Ridor! He should pick on someone else,
    not children or students.

    It shows how coward he is to pick on kids like that!

    You can be leader of tomorrow so remember that there are others who may say
    worse things!

    Stand up and be STRONG!

    Good luck with your future!

    Paul =)

  4. Bonjour, Jehann!

    It is quite delightful to see a little girl to have a mind of her own enough to opine like you. You are an excellent role model. Keep vlogging. 🙂


  5. I think it takes alot of guts for this young girl to come forward and vlog like this. And she is right, there was alot of emotional buildup for these young ladies and if that is how they have to let the steam off, so be it.

    Ridor is our deaf “shock jock”, we must take him with a grain of salt sometimes.

  6. Great job! And there is nothing wrong with getting upset over losing, particularly when you have worked so hard and had high hopes! Great job and keep up the good work! Just got to ignore the negativity!

  7. Jehanne, Kudos to you for being assertive. It is a rare trait for such a young girl and you are right about the importance of expressing feelings instead of repressing them.

  8. I applaud you for speaking your mind considering you are the youngest participant of this vlog world! Everyone is entitled to express their opinions and feelings. You have expressed your opinion that it is okay for the cheerleaders to express their feelings.

    For them to cry is their way of releasing the system as you have pointed out and that doesn’t mean they are not demonstrating their sportsmanship.

    You just nailed it, girl!

  9. Right on, girl! 🙂

    I liked how you made analogies with grades – that is so true!

    I get upset if I get an A-!!!

    Call me an extremist crybaby! 😉

    Seriously, I agree that it IS good to cry out your emotions before moving on to next “stage” of emotions – dealing with it and moving on, that is. 🙂

  10. Ridor is a boy! Boys hate to cry! Girls are allowed and feel free to cry! We are lucky we can cry easily and not get mocked for it! It is too bad for boys/men that have to literally “swallow” their disappointments and tears. No wonder they have short lives than women!

    Women and Girls Power!

  11. Jehanne,

    Good! It is good for you to speak up if someone hurts you or says ugly things about you. He should not have done to you. Most people, who are fan of you, believe in you that you can make it and achieve! Keep it up!


  12. Wow. When I was your age, I was too shy to fillm myself much less share my opinion to million readers/viewers!

    I did agree that life can be unfair and the judges apparently viewed their performance as less than top rated, and 3rd place is still good. Yes, everybody wants to win, to be the best, be the top dog, but not everyone can be so. This is something they will come to learn and experience as they grow up. Sometimes you work toward something with sweat, effort and hard labor, and yet you don’t get rewards. That’s life.

    I guess in this case, it is all about sportmanship. Crying shows poor sportmanship for some people. Again, this is just opinion. You feel they were entitled to cry, and you are certainly entitled to say so.

    Anyway, I applaud upon your gutsiness in defending your opinion!

  13. It’s awesome that you took time to vlog about your thoughts regarding Ridor’s comments.

    Like Jay said in the first comment – the downside of the Internet is that people can and will say anything so don’t take it too personal. However you had the right to bring up your thoughts and I’m glad you did.

    I hope this won’t be the last we will hear of you – do continue sharing your thoughts and concerns regarding issues which affects us all.

  14. I agree with you that Ridor took his insults a bit too far. However, as a cheerleader myself, I have to wonder why anyone would cry over 3rd place. That is such an honor! I would jump for joy and be thrilled to have won third place! When a team loses a game, we often do not see players crying afterward, they still have great sportsmanship and they approach the other team to say “congratulations” or “good job”. Cheerleaders are role models and should do the same.

  15. Jehanne,

    I’m applauding at your efforts to speak and stand up to offer your opinion in a mature way especially that you’re being a young woman. I hope there’s more of those young people vlogging to talk about various topics rather than older people dominating the landscape.

    I admire and respect you for your opinion and simulateously, respect Ridor’s opinion of the cheerleaders’ behavior after the announced results. Remember, nobody can be pleased whatever life have to offer except to learn and remember the experience.

    Best wishes and keep on vlogging!

  16. Being a cheerleader is a HARD WORK!!!!! No pun intended…
    Good for your expressing your opinion and standing up for what you firmly believe in.
    Keep it up!

  17. Jehanne, love your VLOG! I’m a Deaf mom of a 4 year old girl who loves watching you! You are inspiring and make me think. And I don’t say that often at all!

  18. good point. It was great that someone speak out about MSD cheerleaders.
    People have their opinions to express in their blogs. Yes, Ridor’s comment
    wasn’t necessary to insult someone’s feeling. However, sportmanship is most
    important to accept win or lose in any competitions. For michele, boys/men are allowed
    to cry same as girls/women since it’s 2007. It’s nothing wrong with it. Got it?
    Equal-gender power! 3rd place isn’t that bad really. I won 3rd place in cheelreader
    competition from ASD long time ago. I didn’t cry, I was so happy that my team made it
    for the first time in long time. Now, I am proud to see that they won this year. I am sorry if
    MSD cheerleaders think they are doing illegal stunts.
    Look at hearing cheerleaders, they did a lot of stunts which were way risky and it was
    excited to watch them. I guess, I would rest my case. Again, you did good job expressed
    your point of view on Vlogs. Keep it up! Smile.

  19. Jehanne,

    I am very glad that you stood up for your own opinion 🙂 Keep up with your vlogs, and you have definitely grew up from the last time I have seen you. Hopefully I would be able to see you again someday around school or whenever.

    See you around.


  20. Jehanne,

    Look at you, you are the definiton of a young leader of our future. Thank you for standing us the cheerleaders up but not only cheerleaders, and your community too. I am one of MSD cheerleaders and greatly disappointed in what Ridor said. As long it’s his opinion so I have nothing against him. But you are correct, crybabies? That’snt neccessary. 🙂 🙂

    see youu around, michelle.

  21. Jehanne,

    You are doing great! I enjoy your Vlog! Keep it up! You will be one of our deaf leader in future! Look for bright sides!


    Brent ‘Bevo’ Potter
    Austin, Texas

  22. Bingo! All I did seeing some Deaf men like ASL extremists who intend to oppress on Deaf women and now Deaf girls. It’s evidence already as I have said the right thing about Ridor ‘s nasty attitude all along. He is a big loser that he has marked L on his forehead in my own sight as always.

    ASL extremists and Oral extremists people are the worst oppressor toward Deaf people from a hearing family who doesnt have ASL at home or have a good English language. They looked down and think that we are being so stupid and not smart however they are WRONG as usual.. They are so self centered and having no respect for any Deaf people ‘s the plight of suffering from AUDISM people who treats us like a second class citizen as usual. Scoffs.

    For pete’ s sake, Deaf children are still learning to face the reality that it’s not always about the winner. However, they ll learn their own self esteem to be take care of and understand their true inner soul that is natural feeling. We cannot except everyone is happy when they got lost. They might have a good reason to be upset that is normal typical for those youngest children. It s their new experience that it s not always about the winner itself.

    Congrats, MSD cheerleaders won the third place that is still the winner and will be on the record forever that is a good thing to have the Deaf sport history for us to look back old days.

    I like this young gal who stood up and have her courage to speak it out for a very good reason.. Many thanks. She is smart to know the difference that is a good thing for her to have BI BI languages. Good job, young lady! 😉

    Thank you for your sharing it with us that needs to be heard as well. 🙂


  23. Jehanne, You are ROCK! Looking forward to see you in the future on CBS/ ABC/ NBC as a deaf news anchor like Barbara Walter or
    Katie Couric.

    : – )


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