New Jersey Doctor Sues an 11-year old Girl

50 thoughts on “New Jersey Doctor Sues an 11-year old Girl”

  1. I doubt that doctor will win the case, because the 11 year old was probably just being a normal 11 year old.

    The judge does not expect children to have the same behavior as adults.

  2. That is very strange. It doesn’t make a sense for an adult to sue a kid, I agree. Would it be possible to have the link to the article so we can read it?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Geez! We live in lawsuit happy society and that doctor is VERY greedy!

    Shame on that doctor for being a mean old man!

    That doctor needs his head examined!

    The judge should throw that absurd case out the window!

    BTW, Jehanne you did splendid job in your vlogs!

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Wow! I didn’t know about it until you brought it up. I can understand why you
    disagreed with New Jersey Doctor. It is so strange for him to sue an 11-year old girl.
    It was not her intention to cause an accident. So weird! I think someone should expire
    his license as a doctor because he wasn’t using his head.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Keep vlogging!


  5. Jehanne,
    This doctor cyclist is inconsiderate of an eleven years old. I don’t think the Judge will allow this law suit be heard at all. Your assertion that the doctor could’ve dodged her does sound logical to me, but the doctor thought otherwise. He’s absolutely ridiculous because he does not want to be partially responsible for the accident.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts with us.

  6. I found this information on the web:

    “Jury rules for girl in bike-skate crash”
    Updating yesterday’s post about a widely discussed New Jersey case: “Deliberating just 15 minutes, a Morris County civil jury at 4 p.m. today declared that a Chester Township teenager was not to blame in 2003 when she collided with a bicycling physician while riding her in-line skates.” (Peggy Wright, Morristown Daily Record, Mar. 5). Earlier, it was reported: “The girl was knocked to the ground in the collision and bruised, but her parents have not filed a countersuit.” (“Bicyclist sues child roller-skater over accident”, AP/CourtTV, Mar. 1).

  7. 1. Pedestrians have the right of way on a roadway.

    2. The Washington Post is written for an 8th grade level. Jehanne is rseading far above her grade level. Bravo, Jehanne!

  8. Geez its a mad dog eat dog world these days. Even in Joisey where everything goes on there is something that usually happens in the other side of the looking glass.

    Nice presentation Jehanne.

  9. Awesome vlog from someone deaf younger, who share her/his own viewpoint what’s wrong with the society at large! You surely have a sense of justice from right to wrong!

    Unforunately, we are living in the ligitatous (people sue other people all the time) society nowaday. Children sometimes have to be responsible for things happened to other people, ex. breaking window or property damage.

    All the auto drivers with driving privilege ought to be more responsible while driving the 300+ pound moving stuff (cars/ vehicle).

    Before closing this comment, I would like to urge you to make just a one correction on the ASL signing for “doctor”. Most deaf people ought to sign “M” on the pulse of either hand. The best ASLsign for doctor is to check the pulse, not with “D”. Okay? πŸ™‚ That is more logical way to describe person as a doctor than using “D” handshape. Let’s get away with the Signing Exact English (SEE) or Language Contact (PSE)!

    Your ASL signing is really good! I hope that your vlogcast(s) will be one of your school projects rlted to the media and public speaking or language arts. Keep vlogging as what Aidan say the same thing.

    Robert (RLM)

  10. Hmmmm, I am not too surprised that people are “sue-happy” today.

    Maybe this doctor will come to his senses and drop the lawsuit.

    I’m glad you brought it up today, Jehanne.

  11. i can feel doctor want sue her cuz MIGHT he can’t afford cuz he work DOCTOR if broken his collarbone can’t work for while maybe try to sue her for MONEY blah blah blah i will be on girl side and DOCTOR is selfish for his life he suppose safe LITTLE GIRL instead safe himself cuz he is OLD and girl is YOUNG WILL HAVE CHANCE TO LIFE LONGER but old is just short time to die anyway! geeze! he is a CRAZY!

  12. It’s a completely inane lawsuit and should have been dismissed on lack of merit before it even got to trail status. To begin with, a bicycle is considered a vehicle of the road (go check it out sometime, in most places they are prohibited from riding on the sidewalk, just like a car would be; exceptions are for children on bicycles) and as such, the pedestrian has right of way over the bike. Anyway, Jehanne, good vlogcast, hope to see more from you.

    And RLM, not every initialised sign is “signed english”, or are you going to get rid of aunt, uncle, family, deaf residential school (i for institution), people , green, yellow, gold (uses y for yellow), silver, blue, and so on, hmmm?

  13. Jehanne, It is sad that we live in America where people love to sue businesses or people for money purpose. Doctor is ignorant. Thanks for sharing with us. I am happy that girl won the case!

  14. Wow! Interesting…..The doctor will loose the amount of his patients who heard the news!!! I enjoyed reading the newspaper when I was your age. Keep reading!

  15. RLM, I want to say thanks for correcting me about signing doctor in SEE. I didn’t realize about that. I noticed it after you corrected me. I want to say thanks to everyone who saw my vlog and post comments. BEG, that’s true. But we still should sign ASL when possible. So we could encourage others to stop signing SEE. Probably in the future, we may have new ASL signs for silver, purple, pink, aunt, uncle, etc. Thanks

  16. Jehanne, πŸ™‚ Awesome! I was so very much impressed with your reading with intelligence and judgment enough to criticiize the doctor.
    Were King Solomon the judge, he would have revoked the doctor’s license from the medical practice for two reasons as follows:

    1. The doctor was unbelievably illogical.
    2. All drivers must stop for a pedestrian. Dot.

    Your parents and teachers are proud of your critical thinking. πŸ™‚

  17. Jehanne-

    Go girl! I tend to correct people when they dont do right transition for films (videos). RLM is
    right about signing with M for doctor. Sometime I sign with D. I gotta to stop myself. I am proud that you defend ASL and have an
    ability to accept feedback.


  18. You know how pedestrian needs to be honored by car drivers.

    Now, between cyclists and rollerbladers, since a bike is a bigger “vehicle” than rollerblades are, I think the cyclist should honor the rollerbladers by getting out of the way. He was behind her, thus he is in an advantageous position and it is only courtesy to move. He chose not to avoid it and then commit a lawsuit is beyond me.

    Thanks for sharing the article!

  19. Oh, one more thing, you are a young linguist in making, Jehanne! πŸ™‚ You recognized and acknowledged the mistake in using a “D” for doctor. For the sake of beauty and preservation of ASL, it is important to pay attention closely to our language. You obviously care to be receptive in the first place.

  20. People love to sue! Why? So they can collect the lawsuit $$$$$! Why the heck did he ride the bike on the sidewalk? He supposed be on street.

  21. shame on that doc for suing a young kid!
    apparently, someone needs a colleague to look into his own brain.
    brilliant blog entry, i might say.

  22. Absolutely captivating narration! Thanks for telling us about a situation that we all should be aware of as deaf people…always be aware of what is happening behind you!

    What would be the outcome of the case if the kid was actually a 21- year-old adult rollerblader? Would the verdict based on youth be thrown out? Would a deaf rollerblader be given the verdict just because of being deaf? Questions to think about.

  23. I agree that it is stupid for the Doctor to sue. However, I hope we can all learn from the mistake that the 11-year old made. As a biker, I’m tired of having to swerve around people, especially young toddlers whose parents aren’t watching and keeping them out of danger. Of course, I can’t yell out “on your left” like hearing people do, but I do have a bell that is loud enough for me to hear (100 db) and I ring it, but people don’t always pay attention. I bike mostly on a bike path, which is safe, but many people like to use it for walking, even when there is a sidewalk a few feet away! If I am on the street, I can’t always swerve around people, as I might put myself in front of a car. I don’t mind rollerbladers as much, but they’re always swinging their arms all over the place, so how am I supposed to pass them safely? When you cross the street, always keep an eye out for cars as well as bikers. Also, if you are inside a car, always check for cars and bicyclists before you open your door.

    I don’t think it makes a difference that she was deaf. If she had walked into the path of the car, how would the results be different?

    Sorry, this became a personal vent from the view of a bicyclist.

  24. Jehanne,

    I agree with you. The stoopid doctor should have pulled to the side and avoided hitting the little girl regardless. Pressing on the horn does not guarantee that the person will hear and move.

    I had such an experience relating to the horn. I was about to pull into a parking space at a grocery store parking lot. An old lady was pulling out of her parking space on my side. Horrified, I pressed on the horn hoping she’d hear me and stop, but she did not. I observed that she was not using her rearview mirror and did not turn her head to see the rear before pulling out. It was fortunate it was a low speed, low impact accident. There is a small dent on the tire cradle. I was surprised the old lady didn’t hear me press the horn. This goes to prove pressing the horn does not always prevent accidents.

  25. I think Hearing People hates Deaf and they try sue from it and they want
    money that all they want for it. What a stupid Doctor sue 11 years old deaf
    girl huh. I hope you will win from the court. I would like you to prayer to God.
    God can Help you.

  26. That doctor was so very unreasonable for sueing the 11 years old girl. He can only slow down his bike and pass this girl slowly. He obviously didn’t slow down and blamed the girl for being in his way. What an idiot!

    I just read the result from the jury. The verdict was in on Monday the 5th. The jury found that the girl wasn’t responsibile for the accident which is great for her and her family. Too bad for money smelling doctor!

  27. Mary Lou,

    I think you misunderstood me, the girl who got sued isn’t me and she is hearing. I just wonder what would happen to the girl if she were deaf. Thanks!

  28. What about the sign that uses the tip of the middle finger to touch the back of the other ring finger (using the open-5 handshape with bent middle finger, then raise up the 5-hand with wobbling motion).

    Which color is that?

  29. Doctor is crazy! i really agree with you! maybe that girl is deaf. I really wonder what happened next and what happened at courthouse

  30. hey i just found ur blog off of this tv show Nick News and i am learning ASL at church in my youth group. i just wanted to tell u that u inspire me to live life to the full potential


  31. Kelsey-yes it is!
    Alexa-yes its really ironic.
    Tabitha-Doctor didn’t sue that girl afterwards because, the judge rejected that case.

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