Cat and Dog DNA

58 thoughts on “Cat and Dog DNA”

  1. I was like, “what is wrong with this world?” I am an animal lover. That was so cruel.
    Then I was like oh when you mentioned “*****”. You got me. Smile, Aidan

  2. Being an animal lover and not a believer in messing with the nature, how
    could I forget what today is! πŸ™‚

  3. That was soooo good. I was all into your story and thinking oh my what if the dog climbs trees and like you said how they will sound. You got me I was laughing so hard. I interpreted it for my husband and he also was laughing very hard! Great GOTCHA!

  4. Ohhh boy, you sure did get my husband. He was so seriously watching your story, almost believeing it. LOL good one girl.

  5. Today is *****, i happened to check your vlog after a friend of mine forwarded to me. What a perfect day for me to be fooled by such your great story!
    I was so serious and upset, watching your story, but you caught me at the end… I laughed so hard. I could not help to send your vlog to my Deaf families and friends.. I am most sure they would be fooled TODAY!!! πŸ™‚ Other vlogs of yours are so great. My Deaf 10- year-old nephew would enjoy your vlogs!

  6. You’re becoming a pro at this! I must admit that I thought to myself I should get a TIME magazine subscription cuz of the interesting topic. Go get ’em girl! Awesome job!

  7. Jehanne

    when you asl story about dog and cat breed that I was puzzled that I never heard of this strange idea.

    now you said ********* oh you did a good joke!!

  8. Awesome joke! Showed this to my son and he laughed too. Shared with my friends this evening what you said and they actually believed me till I said “*****” (grins) and they were like “oh no!” I told them to see your VLog. Give me a credit for helping spread the word. πŸ™‚ Keep it up, creativity girl!

  9. Jehanne, You got me laughing and rolling in the ailes!
    Why? Because you pulled my leg! Cute of you to fool
    an adult like myself. Bellyaching!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. I want to answer to Dracula, yes Big Steve is my mother’s father. Steve Jr. is my mother’s brother. Thanks!

  11. At first place, I was puzzled about CAT/DOG DNA, that is impossbile, I am subcriibing that magazine TIME, I was going to get it to check it out when I finish with your VLOG, but you got me! LOL. Good one.

  12. You got me since I thought that it is real till you said “April Fool” so you did good job πŸ™‚ I am animal lover, too!

  13. I want to reply to PAULA, Yes april fool is over but I showed my vlog on april 1 so you didn’t looked at it on time. Now I want to say thanks to everyone for seeing my vlogs, encouraging me to continue my vlog.

  14. Oh no..I am cat lover.. but am not crazy about dogs myself. I have two cats but your story about cat and dog can get bred together then I guess I almost swallowed the whale until you read the “Time” magazine; and confirmed to me. It is April Fool. I laughed so hard. But what if it will calls kippy after giving birth. When kippy beome adult will call cog?? Hee

  15. Love it and I was puzzled when u said cat and dog dna and I told my husband no way there is no possible to do the cat and dog dna. But u got me and I laughed and laughed hard as much as because I am dog lovers.

    You got me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep ur chin up and keep what u are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. You were so cute! You and I are so much alike I tease my family members all the time. Great minds think alike, eh? I’m sending your vlog to my deaf sisters to share. Stay happy!

  17. Meoarf Meoarf you got me…oh you are so good trick on me and others…When I was puzzled, what you explained abt cat & dog dna till you said it’s APRIL FOOL! Oh OH you are smart girl ever I seen. LOL

  18. I can’t believe you got me! At first I thought “no way…” and then I was serious listening to you… my gosh! Good job!

  19. good one ! i belived at being, however ya gotcha most of us but u can check out the liger on website and see what you can learn from there lol πŸ™‚

  20. u re very far out Never thought myself this morning LOLz.. I puzzle what a dna for cat and dog can match real Impossible since my husband love his animal very much but not make sense but I thought I could interest u till u hit me april fool day it been belate this month hahaa.. u re very awesome a young girl to be smart to talk like that.. smile…

  21. Hey girl, you got me and I believed in your story about cat and dog so I said huh? what so I listened your story about time mazagine book till you fooled me, I was so laugh and you got me I liked your story but it is over of april fool’s day but keep it up and make us people laugh with your stories again next year smile bye girl

  22. Hello you got me and I almost believe in your story but never hear about dog and cat but you almost made me puzzled about it but you said ”fool’s day” i said oh you made me laugh so hard i needed it thanks girl

  23. That was good joke! Why can’t you put it on the If you do then Cat and Dog DNA will bring more laughs! Smile!

  24. I kept thinking what would the pet look like? Would the ears and tails be cat-like or dog-like? When it licks, would it be slobbering or hard? I admit I did let my imagination go a little wild and then you got me, whew, now I can come back to reality. haha

  25. You really got me fooled, when I watched this VLOG. I keeping wondering how it could happen then later nearly end you says “April Fool”. Whew.

    Good Joke, keep vlogging

    See ya

  26. You got me! I am start to believe to you all the way and and in the end you said APRIL FOOL! You mean You go to ciaro is fake? Just Kidding

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