Two ASL Stories from My Grandma

21 thoughts on “Two ASL Stories from My Grandma”

  1. I truly enjoyed the stories.

    Cherish every moment you have with your grandmother. I had a wonderful relationship with my own grandmother before she passed away. She is always close to my heart.

  2. Well, I think the moral of the story, “The Scorprio and the Camel” is that if you need someone to rescue you from a danger, don’t get out of control and hurt that person or both of you’d risk your life. Stay calm and cooperative.

    Good stories! Thank you for having her sharing the stories with us. Cheers!


  3. Wow! ASL storytellers run in your family. Your grandmother should become a vlogger.
    That’s interesting that your mother used Scorpion and the Camel because I have a similar story like this. However it was Scorpion and the Frog. The Frog said to Scorpion, “Why? After all I tried to save you from drowning and you stung me?” The Scorpion said, ” “I could not help myself. It is MY NATURE.”

    Can you share with us about what was the moral message in this story?

    Thank you,


  4. Jehanne,
    Wild applauses to your grandmother! The first story and the second story echo Siddhartha and Aesop respectively! I know that you are proud of having a grandmother who is both an intellectual and a signer. Not many deaf children have a grandmother like yours.
    Happy Spring, Jehanne!

  5. Very nice ASL stories your grandma gave! Bravo to your grandma!!! I believe she is the oldest Deaf vlogger in the history of And bravo to you, for being one of the youngest Deaf vloggers. (my hands are flickering up in the air). Keep your unique vlog going!!

    Matt Jamison

  6. Very nice! Bless you, Jehanna! It was also nice to see your grandma here. We emailed each other from time to time, and she told me you’re her granddaughter. She must be proud, and I think I know why!

  7. wow i like ur grandma’s stories i like the beach but i love watching the sunset it’s my favo of natural. keep up with ur videoclip.

    Joshua Womick

  8. Thank you for introducing your grandmother and to her for sharing her stories. This is what makes life worth while, the sharing of language and culture, the passing on of family stories over the generations. I enjoyed this vlog very much.

    ~ LaRonda

  9. aw that’s a sad story about the scorpion and the camel!

    but I enjoyed the first one about the sea, I loved watching it.

    thank you for having your grandma share her stories with us, Jehanne 🙂

  10. Sweet Girl,

    you have a wonderful idea to guest your Grandma share stories!!

    I enjoyed her stories and hope to see more of you vlogs!!

    Take care! Smile!! Mark

  11. Hi there!

    Thank you for bringing your grandmother to share the short stories. It was truly inspiring me with metaphors of our lives. One story that she shared with us that was my most favorite about the beach nature. I grew up in Southern California and I know what the beaches looks like especially the beautiful sunset in the west.
    I would love to hear more stories on vlog near future or any metaphors that will help us to analyize our thoughts.


  12. P.S.

    I think you are the youngest vlogger and your grandmother is the oldest vlogger. Your mother is the middle. WoW, three straight
    generations. 🙂 have broken the record in the deaf vlogland!

  13. Jehanne,
    Thanks for sharing with us precious ASL Stories, and especially having your grandmother share, this is precious .. even more!
    I live in the southern California, I am not sure if I know your grandmother. She did a fablous JOB!

    You have a very great advantage in this because I was raised in a hearing family and no ASL was ever shared, but my friends at deaf schools that I attended many years ago. They were my ASL story tellers, and at that time I didn’t care much, but for some time now been enjoying doing ASL Story telling myself.

    Keep up in whatever you do.

  14. beautiful story about the beach – i about to think about it after your grandma told us! Nature is beauty and sad to know people take it for granted!. About Scorpion and camel – I read the same but
    instead of camel it is fox….

  15. I loved the stories. What a wonderful Grandmother you have, you are one lucky girl. The only suggestion that might make them even better is to not have the busy background, which makes it just a pinch harder to see the signs.

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. I hope you do lots more.

  16. I enjoyed your grandmother’s stories so much, that I would like to use the scporpion and the camel one for my storytelling class. Would you be kind enough to email me the story in writing? Thank you

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