My Moms Rock!

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25 thoughts on “My Moms Rock!”

  1. Good point! Children who come from divorced families have two mothers if their parents remarry. Some children don’t even have mothers for different reasons (i.e. death). Some children have grandmothers as mothers because their mothers are not available. Open adoption may mean a child have two mothers — a biological mother and an adoptive mother. Many different kinds of families are out there. We should honor all women who are involved with children’s lives one way or another on Mother’s Day.

  2. Jehanne-
    you and your family rock! thanks for making this inspirational vlog poem.
    i look forward to seeing more!


  3. Champ!!! Me jealous! You got three moms! I go and complain to my mom for having just one mom. Nice ASL Poem… Your three (god)moms are proud of you as their (god) daughter.


  4. Goose bumps. My neck is prickled from your poem! Having three Moms is one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened on the planet. Not only do they make you happy but they also make you a very intelligent little girl for your age! Wow! I do not blame you for dancing merrily on Mom’s Day!

  5. Very clever — moving “s” from the verb to the noun to change the meaning! A good English lesson!

  6. Jehanne,

    Your vlog is THE CHAMP, so I clicked “Champ” (see “vote” below your vlog). You deserve it! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. I agree with other commentors about how lucky you are to have “three moms” Bless you, Jehanna!

    Happy Mother’s Day to your three mom!

  8. Hi a sweet girl of the Champ,

    You’re lucky to have three awesome moms! More mom, the merrier!


  9. You surely did a great job honoring your Moms and how fitting for the timing for
    Mother’s Day! Keep it going with your ASL poetry as you have a CHAMP mind
    to be creative! Hey, you rock as well!!

  10. Hey Jehanne! Wow, I’m not sure who rocks more, you or your mothers! πŸ™‚ BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME EXPRESSION!!!


  11. Wow! very touching. Beautiful signing and creative, keep on rocking. Happy Mother’s Day

  12. Wow! Your poem touched my head and heart and soul. You go grrl and keep on making poems. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  13. Oh WOW FABULOUS! I am going to vote Your MOM is SO WONDERFUL!!!! Wow, you lucky to have 3 moms! My Deaf son has 2nd Deaf Mom, too!

    Smile. Shawn

  14. Wow, I missed your vlog last may. I watched your vlog and love your creative after you mentioned to Taylor about Related no vlogs in DeafRead. After that I read it.. I notice ” My Mom Rocks?

    That’s something I missed it. and finally watched your vlog from last May and I am really think you are most lucky to have three mom. Due to my mom.

    I m only 9th of 12 My mom had been difficult time during her motherhood struggle. I complete understand why my mom always been up and down. I think my aunt took and raised me .. I should Thank my aunt Lillian who raised me very well. but other beside I was not forenuntly in other way between my mom and Aunt Lillian. It is changed alot today than 1970’s time

    Deaf Pixie aka Margaret

  15. Jehonna,

    Our sisters and brothers from DeafRead blogs and vlog are our related to deafness and keep touch in deaf community knit for you if you have a 3 mom .. you are most lucky to have their wonderful mom to you.
    That’s blessing! ! !

  16. I am having trouble viewing some of these google videos and I am really interested to watch this one, does anybody know if there is another way to view the poem??

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