One Handshape Poem for Memorial Day

39 thoughts on “STOP THE WAR, BUSH!”

  1. That’s a stunning handshape poetry! Wow ….. Especially I like at the end! Keep going! Youare rock too!


  2. Sweet! Beautiful ASL poem…

    I respect a great deal for troopers. I understand many people are angry with Bush for invading IRAQ without hard evidence. The soldiers didn’t have to face the consequences. They trusted their own President to use his judgment. They are so proud of their own country. They would protect and embrace it. They would die for their own country so this country would remain to the freedom.
    Many of the soldiers didn’t know what they were into until they were in the war.

    The children were encouraged to join the war later in their lives. If you go to Toys”R”US, you will see many things (For example: the G.I. JOE) that encourage children (especially boys aisle) to think in their subconscious about joining army.

    I met a documentary director who did the movie in IRAQ. He was a soldier himself. He said many soldiers were from poor family who couldn’t afford to go to colleges or from farm. They didn’t know what they wanted after High School or had hard time finding a job. The director said if he had known about it, he would not participate the war. But once he signed the contract, he had to follow it through or he would either flee to Canada or in jail (AWOL).

    Keep it up with good work…


  3. Hi Jehanne,

    Right on! I am with you! Bush and his cabal known as neocons lied to the nation that Iraq had WMD (Weapon Massive Destructiion). Actually, they use blood for oil. Nearly 3,000 Americans have died based on Bush’s lie. Over 655,000 innocent Iraqi parents and children have died based on Bush’s lie. Alas, those who support Bush are gulliible and naïve.

    Your Moms are proud of you for speaking out.

    I, too, am joining a rally/march on June 10th and 11th to END THE OCCUPATION at the Capitol Hill lawn.

    Jean Boutcher, a peace activist – human rights activist
    Click as follows:

  4. Nice! I like how you used the handshapes in your poem! And I agree… It’s time to end the war. I support our troops – that’s why I want them to come home. We don’t need them dying for THIS war.

  5. Right on!!!

    You continue to impress us Jehanne with your youthful intelligent and emotional vlogs. Keep them coming. You have a natural comfort level in front of the camera and you show confidence in yourself. Never forget those are your strengths.

    You simply shine!

    ~ LaRonda

  6. I respectfully disagree with you. I realize that I’m probably the only pro-Bush supporter and a conservative poster here. Even so, I do feel it’s necessary for me to defend Bush and ongoing operations in Iraq. I know I’m the odd man out here, but…

    I’d like to point out during the Vietnam War, a war that took ten years, the number of American troops deployed at it peak was a bit over 500,000 and we had 56,000 killed in action. That’s about ten percent of the entire American forces deployed. That doesn’t include the number of wounded, missing in action, and other categories.

    Fast forward to the current ongoing operations in Iraq. The total number of American forces now deployed in Iraq is perhaps a bit over 140,000 troops. Over a period of four years, only 3,500 are killed in action, and the majority of KIA (killed in action) was caused by IEDs (improvised explosive devices), which is about 70 percent. Equally important is the fact most of KIA and WIA (wounded in action) are largely confined to one area, that is Baghdad and its greater areas.

    In Vietnam War, in the same period of four years, probably one half of 56,000 KIA was reached, and that’s about 28,000, not to mention other casualties incurred as well. When you take statistical information collected into account, you will understand what we’re experiencing right now in Iraq is vastly different from Vietnam War.

    Moreover, very few people are aware of the true extent of situation on ground, most media outlets are so focused on major incidents like car bombs and other negative aspects of Iraqi rebuilding operations. Not many are willing to protray positive apects, like the fact that most of Iraq is largely more or less at peace or many courageous Iraqis are taking a huge part at their own risk in shaping and molding the future outlook of their own country.

    Finally, one should remember today is the day to remember ALL sacrifices made by ALL soldiers in ALL wars, therefore I think it’s prudent to refrain from criticizing Bush’s war policy if only for the sake of Memorial Day…


  7. That’s sweet thoughtfulness! We all are celebrating the courage of the heroes. Yeah, me too, Stop the war, BUSH !

  8. Awesome Jehanne , Now if we could only get the stupid Australian PM to stop following Bush! Yes , I’m an Aussie and I love watching your vblogs. Keep up the good work.

  9. Bush didn’t tell us to go to the war, he asked us to fight against the terrorists. Many of us made the choice to go or stay. Thanks to the soldiers.

    I enjoyed watching your nice ASL story. I respect your opinion. Thank you for sharing. Keep up. 🙂

  10. Imagine how hard it is for everyone. My cousin’s husband came back from Iraq recently. He (and many soldiers also) is having some hard time re-adjusting to life here after being there. I wonder if Bush is providing good support services and jobs for all the soldiers who do come back after the hard crazy war. Thanks for sharing your thoughtfulness. Hugs.

  11. look i know lots of people hate bush but come on…it not his fault. he trying to protect the country and he try to help iraq people but they reject him and start war with us. u know that lots of army people actually willing to go there. trust me i know three people went to war all because they want to protect us. I respect your opinion about whole thing. Im just telling u all that it. God bless

  12. Hey, i’m gonna agree wit u and dat true…. ** WAY TO GO**
    BUSH STOP FROM WAR………………….!!!!!!!!

  13. Hey Jehanne,
    you are THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh yes, Bush is very EVIL power and need OIL so badly. yes,Bush is very SHAME…….I am honest with you and Bush do not care about USA because SOLDIRES DIED TOO MUCH AND ALREADY VOTED FOR BUSH AND TOO LATE THAT BUSH ALREADY USED PEOPLE FROM USA.
    Thank you,
    Bobby L.

  14. what would happen if we not go fight in wwII. millions more jews torture and kill, hitler invade more and more until he invade us. torture, kill, destroy even children.
    many brave people die to protect, but they are hero.
    war horrible but i hope i always be brave and protect people who weaker than me.
    god bless american soldiars.

  15. Jehanne, I understand how you feel about war… I wished that I could do sharing of war stuffs to keep America free and strong during Korean War. Now, with Iraq war, our soldiers were not called to serve, they volunteered to go… Why? They believe in freedom and want to protect our country, America. And those could not afford to go to college without government bill Those kids and their parents know the risk of not coming home alive. Why… Most of all they love our America so deeply and followed the step of our forefathers to keep freedom of worship, and rights to protest, and vote. We should be careful with electing congress because congress is more powerful than president.

  16. I really agree with you and i really want ot stop the war! And what war for? 4,000 army die the iraq war died and I am sure that the men and boy who died and his’s family will sad!

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