Response to “Should Kids Protest or Not?”

Here’s Seek Geo’s blog about kids protesting!

A reader generously offered the following transcript of my vlog:

I would like to respond to Seek Geo’s blog post, titled:  “Should Children Protest or Not?”

My response?  Yes, of course they should!  Always!

There are really many opportunities to do this and they are very educational.  I have attended three protests.  First, the Gallaudet protest, about the president; second, the protest at the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), about captioning television programs and other issues; and third, the recent protest at the AGBell convention.  I attended these protests and participated in discussions.  I saw a lot and really learned a lot.

Seek Geo’s main concern is about danger.  Even at a peaceful protest, there could be some violent situations, which are unpredictable.  There’s nothing we can do about this.  Take what just happened at the protest against AGBell, for example, with Barb’s daughter, Brianna.  Someone forcefully yanked all the flyers out of her hands, catching Brianna off guard.  That experience, however, actually caused all of us to become *more* motivated to fight back and protest.  We were all taken aback by it and wanted to yell at that woman and fight for our rights.

If children become interested in protesting, talk it over with them and let them know that something like this could happen once in a great while.  What happened to Brianna is the exception.  None of us were doing anything illegal by being at the hotel to protest.  What happened wasn’t our fault, but rather, the hotel’s fault.  It’s a little sad that it happened, but now we are all more motivated to fight back.

So, I think that children should be included in a protest if they want to be.