Can’t I Use a Boys’ Basketball?!?

14 thoughts on “Can’t I Use a Boys’ Basketball?!?”

  1. Keep that confident attitude and you will do just great! You are right, men and women (boys and girls) are equal in everything. They are simply different in FEW!!! little stuff that I won’t bother going into details about. So keep your chin up :)!

  2. I completely agree with you! Men and women (for in this theme, boys and girls) are equal in everything no matter what their genders are! I had an experenice like this one before when I was playing the basketball. At that time, a boy sneered and told me that girls can’t play the basketball because they’re GIRLS. He was referring to me as a fussy girl who can’t shot a ball. I ignored him. I shot a ball and scored! πŸ™‚ However, my point is that men have no right to discriminate and judge women just because of the difference. Women do have the right, freedom, judgement, and politics like the men do. Generally, people are people. That’s it.
    Thanks for sharing your concerns with us! I’m really pleased to see someone like you shared my concerns and thoughts. πŸ˜€

  3. You inspired me.. This morning, I was like well it was not my morning. But after
    I read this, now I feel it is my morning. Thanks to you. What you had shared about
    your experience with basketball, you will see it often with this society. We
    have to educate people that women and men are equal. They were taught by education,
    media, and many more that men are above women.. I suggest you to take some women history classes
    when you go to college. You will find it amazing and make you proud that
    you have that kind of mentality that we are all human beings and deserve to be equal.

    You rock…


  4. Thanks for bringing up your issues. I just wonder about Girls Basketball Camp for the Deaf??? I did went hearing Girls Basketball Camp while I was alone in 4 years of mainstream hearing catholic high school during the summer time. To let you know that it was no fun communicating with hearing high school students while there was no interpreter provided at my old times. It will be nice to see to have more Deaf Girls Basketball Camp around here in USA! You go girl for being so BRAVE to stay in Boys Basketball Camp! What about Cheerleader Camp?? Shawn

  5. hello, am sure that u know my brother, andrew. hes a 8th grade at msd now.. anyway..
    yeah i am completely agreed with you.. i see no difference between those women and
    men’s basketball ball…i guesss we gotta accept the fact but theres an advice for you..
    when i was little girl, my dad forced me to use the men’s basketball ball because it will make
    me to a better basketball player by using the men basketball ball. then i get older and used
    the women basketball ball, it felt so easier to using it because i ve been using the men’s
    basketball ball. so its our advantage.. ha πŸ™‚
    amanda biskupiak

  6. Of course you can use the basketball cause it dont discrimate between girls and boys! There are womens and mens basketball teams and they all use the same size basketball! My guess is that the boys dont like girls playing basketball better than them. You have the right to play basketball if you want to , dont let the boys tell you otherwise.
    I enjoy watching your Vlogs even tho your signs are a lot different what we Aussies use. Keep up the good work and I’m sure I will be watching your Vlogs for years to come. Cheers.

  7. Thanks for the nice comments!

    No I didn’t go to boys basketball camp, there are two
    groups, girls basketball and boys basketball. I went to cheerleading
    camp for the first week, basketball for second!

    I use boys ball at home too! But at school I have to use girls’ ball!

  8. It is part of school, collegiate and professional standards which sets up the level of measurement.

    For example, the WBCA (Women’s Basketball Collegiate Association) makes the decisions on weight and size of the ball before asking the NCAA to approve. Believe it or not, the WBCA is largely composed of WOMEN!

    I believe that the reason they made it bit lighter is to increase the quality of play. If it is bit heavier, the final scores may be well in teens instead of 50s?

    But for you to feel inferior is normal … but I’d suggest you to follow what Amanda’s advice — if you wanted to be the best player in the nation — use men’s bball and you’ll dominate the girls’ basketball in few years.



  9. Thank you, Jehanne, for speaking up on this subject. You are a natural leader. Woman are worthy of the same respect, dignity, equality and “basketballs” as men have. Gee…. It seems so silly to have 2 different basketballs for girls and boys.

    Stand tall. Walk proud.

    ~ LaRonda

  10. Hi, I just opened your vlog for the first time and I think it is GREAT! I’ll show it to E/A/K and let them all watch as well.

    I had NO idea the balls were different for men and women.

    Thanks for making me aware of this.


  11. Yeah i agree with you! I shot boy basketball ball feel SAME! Same with me. My coach say i can’t use boy basketball! i want everyone FAIR! same with deaf people and hearing people or white people and black people. πŸ™‚
    My mom is black. all my family hearing.

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