A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Prayer

12 thoughts on “A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Prayer”

  1. Thank you, Jehanne, for taking the time to share this. You are one of few voices for the animals. Did you know the first Thanksgiving did not involve any feast? Check it out at:


    I never look forward to the holidays as they are too commercialized at the expense of animals, environment and the 3rd world. Imagine everyone shifting their attention from holidays on themselves to using the time to save animals, environment and plentiful food for the 3rd world. Grains would be plentiful for the world if not most of them are fed to livestock for human consumption. That is why vegetarianism is a very important cause.

  2. Someone just shared with me that her good friend signed off in email:

    “Happy not to be celebrating the slaughter of Indians and gluttoney day.”

    What is gluttoney? I’m sure many will ask what it is as I did. Gluttoney is when you stuff yourself with food even if u aren’t hungry. It’s there to eat it. It’s like people on a cruise ship — food is everywhere and they stuff plates and then throw away food. Gluttoney is one of the original sins from the bible.

  3. I confess, I did eat my turkey for Thanksgiving…but I have been a vegetarian in the past, and I do believe that we should honor the animals and show our appreciation for them – even at those times when it becomes necessary to kill in order for our survival.

    But I agree with what was said earlier… to eat for survival is far different from simply sitting down at the table and stuffing ourselves simply because the food happens to be there.

    Let us be thankful for the food we do eat, and for all blessings that are bestowed on us.

    Beautiful prayer, Jehanne. I am sure that the Goddess has smiled down on you and blesses you for thinking of Her and her creatures.

    ~ Ocean
    Deaf Pagan Crossroads

  4. Hi Jehanne,

    Thanks for a good laugh! I had no idea you would end it after a beautiful sharing of nature and animals, no wonder! Here to vegetarianism and sharing our beautiful earth with living animals. 🙂


  5. What a truly lovely poem, Jehanne! Every word you were
    expressing was deep and true. I was smiling that you used
    a term, “vegetarian.” because I have been a vegetarian since
    — are you ready? — 1978!

    Off on a tangent for a moment, I read way back a brief article,
    “First “National Day of Mourning” Held in Plymouth November
    26, 1970′ — the native people of Massachusetts began a new
    tradition: a “National Day of Mourning,” held in lieu of Thanksgiving celebrations. Très intéressant.
    Source: http://www.massmoments.org/moment.cfm?mid=340

    Merci beaucoup!

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