DBC Interview Part 1: Dr. Barbara Kannapell

13 thoughts on “DBC Interview Part 1: Dr. Barbara Kannapell”

  1. To my hero Jehanne,

    As I said in the video comment at DV.TV, you did do a SUPERB job. You are a wonderful reporter.. I thank for Dr. Kannapell’s and your time. I look forward to seeing more vlogs from you about DBC.

    Aidan- DBC Loyalist

  2. Jehanne,

    Great reporting job! Great choice of questions. Great choice of interview subject! Dr. Kannapell has been a long-standing supporter of ASL as a right for ALL Deaf people, and it was great to see her perspectives on DBC and Deafhood.

    –Dr. Don Grushkin

  3. Jehanne,
    What a nice interview with Barbara. I remember in the early 1990’s when my daughter just started first grade at ISD, parents were invited to all kinds of training and educational workshops to learn more about Bilingual/Bicultural Education and how to respect ASL and English as separate but equal languages. We also learned about Deaf Culture and how important it was to include our Deaf children into Deaf community events and give them access to peers and role models.
    Barbara was one of the workshop presenters at that time. I consider her part of the wonderful and amazing pioneers of Bi/Bi. Her advocacy work has touched many lives including our family. My daughter has grown into a very confident proud Deaf adult and we we owe this all to the Deaf Community of people that were not afraid to approach hearing parents and give them open honest information and advice on ASL and the importance the whole hearing family learning it right along with their child.

  4. You are an amazing young woman. You asked good questions. Thank you for bringing Dr. Barbara Kannapell to us. For those who were not at DBC, this is a good opportunity to hear some of her thoughts.
    I look forward to more of your vlogs. Thank you for your hard work.

  5. I feel frustrated not being anabled to follow these ASL and DBC blogs, when are they going to introduce the Bi into the bi-lingual, via access ? ASL vblogs do not suggest bilinguality to me…. if there is anyone out there who could make them a little easier to follow… (And yes I tell BSL users the same !). At present I just have to read and re-read comments and form a view from those, not the best way to get to the basis of things…

  6. Jehanne

    You are one of a kind. Keep it up with your ideas and creativity. We will definitely need your brain and spirit in our community. Thumbs up to your interview!

  7. Hey Jehanne!

    WOW!! Great Vlog, and thanks for doing this!!!
    DBC ROCKS all the WAY!! πŸ™‚
    Excellen questions you provided – you go girl πŸ™‚
    Thanks again!

  8. Smile … I made a vlog at the Deafvideo.tv I had Dr. Kannapell for Deaf Culture class during my freshman year at Gallaudet in 1985. I enjoyed her class! Excellent job! Diane

  9. Thanks to everyone who posted comments! Tami, you mentioned ISD provided workshops
    about Bicultural and Bilingual Education. My school, MSD, has some workshops too. But I think
    there should be more workshops for parents whose children don’t go to Deaf schools
    because they may not choose ASL since there are few resources and workshops open to
    everyone about ASL. My school provided workshops, yes, but they only advertised to MSD
    students.. So most hearing parents don’t know about these workshops.

  10. Jehanne – biggest thanks for interviewing Dr. Kanny and putting it up in ur website

    awesome questions and great interviewing style

    Kanny – biggest thanks for taking time to re-cap ur presentation from the DBC conference and answering Jehanne’s questions

    i will NEVER forget how u started ur DBC conference presentation by saying somethign to the effect “i am so thankful to be alive to witness this moment – this coming together of people who care and are working collectively for bi-bi”

    i was like WOW – u r the matriarch of bi-bi in the US and for u to say this – it just hit me so hard. another blessing of the DBC conference

    and they u gave an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME presentation – reviewing all the marvelous work u have dont on behalf of having 2 languages for Deaf children in the US

    u delineated how Deaf leaders in high places did not support recognizing ASL as an official language nor did they support bi-bi. just when u were at the federal doorstep, the threshold, stopped by one of our own who held a high ranking federal position within the dept of ed.

    gosh that stung

    but u showed now bitterness – just disappointment. u also showed no dispair

    this is awesome

    i love love love how u end the interview by saying – “DBC i am ready to be of any help u need – just let me know”

    i am like speechless – u r so giving and so good

    thank u

    lastly – i could not help but just feel so touched to see u dispensing all this important information on to such young, talented, and eager eyes as Jehanne – she is our future

    i felt as if witnessing the elder of the clan sitting down with the youth with great promise to instill wisdom and hope

    thank u both!


    patti durr

  11. I enjoyed reading the interview. As Ms. Barbara is my FAVORITE instructor at CCBC, I love her enthusiasm and she is an inspiration to not only the Deaf community but also a link to the hearing. Kanny has opened my eyes and given me understanding of the Deaf community. I wish her long and happy success also in the future.

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