DBC Interview Part 2: Dr. MJ Bienvenu

23 thoughts on “DBC Interview Part 2: Dr. MJ Bienvenu”

  1. Another great job, Jehanne! I’ve always admired MJ, even during her so-called “militant” days. She is still telling it like it is, and you are helping people to see it like it is! Thank you!

  2. Jehannie.

    I realized I mispelling your first name was Jeannie.. Until I popped and check on top of blog. Glad I did make sure correct spelling name.
    It is very unquie names Jehannie. Lovely name who named you ? from your two moms?
    why your mom name you after someone’else. I love differnt names.
    It is kind of Angel wings back your back.

    By the way, I think it is very interesting with your interview very excllent question with Dr. MJ Bienvenu. Good way to learn with your reporter of CNN.. Why not you became ? Deaf CNN ?

    Something I made funny comment in way I love your priority of DBC come first for Deaf Baby. DBC did encourage deaf baby to use ASL.
    REmember that 95% hearing parents did not getting educating by deaf school or Audiologist. The reason why doctor or school put you in wrong information about AGBell. or the parents need to find a their saftifity with deaf rescource. Likely SeekGeo’s vlog were comment less a month ago. Nice to know what is better for deaf kids to learn ASL if they dont want.. They will be in drowning and misiinformed of what doctor put hearing parents about Cohlear Implants and otherwise. They get horrible wrong informaton.

    Could you response about your names came from, Jehannie?

    Deaf Pixie aka Margaret.


  3. Hey Jehanne,

    I want to thank you for working on the interview with Barbara, Mj, and next more speakers soon. Your intention is to educate to people to see several speakers’ respond. Good job… High Five slap…. Some Deaf people would start to realize about DBC later and would be more respect to DBC. High five slap again….

  4. Jehanne,

    I finally met you at Milwaukee DBC event and was impress with you and I know that you have a great future for the Deaf community!

    Best Regards,

  5. Jehanne,
    What a great job you are doing with the interviews of the presenters and sharing with those who were not able to attend the DBC Education Conference last June. This is very important work and I personally want to thank you! It is wonderful to see young people like yourself taking on some of the grassroots work and contributing to the mission of DBC!

  6. Allo, Jehanne,

    As in your usualness, you know exactly how to ask questions that viewers want to see answered by interviewées!

    Dr. Bienvenu is absolutely right on a number of aspects as well as in regard to the grades. Non-oral Deaf children unnecessarily suffer at the expense of the massive ignorance of most hearing people, particularly hearing teachers who are not aware that English IS a foreign language.

    Keep searching for the truth, Jehanne!

    Merci beaucoup!
    À bientôt!





    Thank you, Jehanne for broadcasting this important segment of the interview. This should *shut* Ben Vess, Barry Sewell and Mike McConnell of their ludicrous statements upon Deafhood/DBC as whole.


    Gotta love MJ Bienvenu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “I don’t see anything wrong with Deafhood/DBC — so what?” -Mj Bienvenu — love that!



  8. Jehanne,

    I am very much appreciated watching vlogs your interviews with Barbara Kannapell and MJ Bienvenu. Bravo!!!


  9. Hello Jehanne:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. You asked excellent questions and MJ gave straightforward answers as usual. Refreshing to see and confirms why we must stand up and advocate for our Deaf children. Give us more of these!


  10. Hi Jehanne,

    Excellent vlog! I am very pleased that you have shared wonderful news with us all. Yes I was at DBC convention and I shared same view with MJ Beinvenu. Her argument makes senses and is fact. MJ and all of us had a great time. It is the best and golden moment!

    Once again congratulations for bringing positive message to us all. We all need that badly. I look forward to 3rd one! Again thanks for sharing Barbara K vlog with us too.


  11. Jehanne,

    I am very impressed with the way you handled the interview. You have possessed an assurance of manner with a gracious way of pleasantly tranquil interacting with MJ. In other words, you rock, girl! Thank you for conducting the interview!

    Also thanks to M.J. for affirming your point of view of DBC. It is very much appreciative for your time to be a part of this vlog to tell the world what DBC is really all about as you have spoken the truth. I am looking forward to to continue the discourse in making more impact for the future of Deaf babies.

    Together, we can make a difference!

  12. Jehanne,

    You are one of excellent “deaf” journalist/vlogger to bring out rationality and comphrensive
    to our “deaf community’ discussion. Perfecto!

    I have to admit publicly that I am totally wrong about urging the DBC to seperate “Deafhood”
    and “Bilingualism” issues at the conference. From what I left my comment on MZ’s blog last month
    ago. I could see that anyone could be emotionally swayed easily during the heated discussion.

    I realized few days later, but never bother to issue out my “changed’ statement so far.

    Ridor is absolutely right about particular deaf individuals, who intentionally weaken our
    socioeconomic and political powers thru distortions and misinformation and jumped to conclusions.

    M.J. Bieneveu needs to be on the panel/speaker for the major reform of the Deaf Education in the United States and bring that issue to the 21th Century standard.

    You, Jehanne, ought to receive some journalistic award for your vlog interviews. 🙂

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  13. I enjoyed very much to watch your interview with BJ. It was so excellent subjects you brought up. Many of them are valid points for us to be aware of. You, ROCKS!!

    Dennis Bacon

  14. Jehanne – another A + interview

    thank u very much

    MJ – awesome answers

    strong, smart, clear and direct as always

    i especially like how u signed “finish, finish, finish”

    cant think of proper translation in English – nothing really suffices but i totally agree with ur sentiment and tone and message

    thank u both


    patti durr

  15. Dear Jehanne,

    I’m so glad that u did an input your interview with MJ,which I know her that she helped The Bicultural Center at New York City in the past of 1985.

    I watched this Blog with Vlog and understand of what is DBC,DeafHOOD and Etc…. I am DeafVideo.TV and sad to see a problem for a little…U may help us to understandable…

    I pray everyone start to accept and keep moving forward. AMEN !

    Your Truly,


  16. Hi Patti,

    I, too, like MJ’s sign, “Finish, finish, finish.” I think that it may be
    equivalent of “Enough is enough” in English and “Assez est assez”
    in French.

    Jean Boutcher

  17. Congrats – both of your interviews do help clarify many misunderstanding
    between Deafhood/Deafread and DBC. way to go!


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