DBC Interview Part 3: Dr. Genie Gertz


16 thoughts on “DBC Interview Part 3: Dr. Genie Gertz”

  1. Jehanne,

    You are my most dearest “heart” teenager. Great to know who is Dr Genie Gertz explanation is clearly of understand about DBC.

    Agree with Genie’s explanation about AGBell. So WE in our Deaf Community need to unity to improving with involved with innocent cohlear implant children to use ASL. I feel the way We need to improve our time to education with all of hearing parent knew nothing about between cochlear implant. I know Several deaf people against the cohlear implant. My thought about being education in Hospital about related CI.

    Often the hospital put hearing new parents to have a advertising w/ deaf newborn. We need to hire someone to education in hospital and what is the baby’s value development. it is very sticky issues rival who is right between deaf or CI on Babies.
    How can we stopping to Hospital to false information advertising about CI?

  2. Great Job Jehanne….thanks for taking the time to interview Dr. Genie Gertz about her presentation at the DBC Education Conference last June in Milwaukee. This is a great way of to share with those who were not able to attend! Keep up the good work….

  3. (My Mac crashed…I don’t know if this is a repeat…but this is the edited version. Please delete if there’s one from me before this. Sorry for the confusion!)

    Jehanne, here’s my say….thank you for making time to bring Genie to public as not everyone attended the first ~phenomenal~ DBC conference. We are to arm parents with information on benefits of language rights using ASL from the start. Yes, regardless of amplification, speech or listening. Their children will always know WHO they are and feel a place where they belong in the Deaf community. Giving parents options isn’t enough as parents aren’t experts to make good choices…they need to see us as a living proof of how Deaf people succeed. We show that it is our Deaf life, and we are healthy, social beings.

    This is one of my favorite stories about my daughter Beryl who learns to read. One time, she pointed at a picture in a zoo book and says, “Look Mom! It’s a frickin’ Elephant!”

    I held breath n signed, “What did you call it?”

    “It’s a frickin’ Elephant, Mom! It says so on the picture!”

    And so, it does say… “A f r i c a n Elephant” Hooked on phonics!!! Ain’t it awesome?!?

    As awesome as Deaf Bilingual Coalition…. for its service as a national advocate on behalf of our Deaf babies and children! DBC provides a remarkable approach for the public to realize since the majority of hearing people do not have an opportunity to meet (and interact) with Deaf people. Hearing people are prone to think being Deaf is as if losing an important “sense” that is elemental to their lives. We are the living proof that there is no feeling of loss!

    Have you come across this excellent video clip of Terrylene presenting that was taken during the ASL Celebration in Sacramento last September 26? This Celebration is in recognition of International Day of Sign Language Rights which was an historic event honoring ASL as the natural language of the Deaf community. This celebration stresses the importance of our human rights — encouraging us to preserve and promote ASL for ALL! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGtBV1uiX2A&feature=related

    Most babies have a hearing screening soon after birth, usually before they leave the hospital, called Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS). When a child’s hearing loss is identified, the child’s family and doctors are to make sure the child gets an introduction at an early age. This will help the child develop communication and language skills that will last a lifetime. Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programs are set up by U.S. states and territories to help make sure that infants and children with hearing loss are found and receive help in no time. UNHS is the first step in the EHDI process; other important steps are audiological evaluation to confirm a hearing loss, and early intervention services. http://www.infanthearing.org/ State Department heads, audiologists, early interventionists, speech pathologists, audio-verbal therapists, educators, and parents attend the EHDI Conferences. It is important for us to be watchdogs and participate to spread the word about benefits of early language acquisition through ASL. Like what EHDI envisions, for us to come together, share, learn, and network to improve EHDI and support babies with hearing loss.

    We have hundreds of ways to express our feelings through words and gestures, both large and small. Because a commitment is a vital ingredient in all-human endeavor, can I ask that you send a financial support to deepen your appreciation for DBC’s dedication to Deaf babies and children? We have so many ways to teach the world, but so little time! DBC needs all the funds they can get to be able to reach out more.

    Do link http://www.dbcusa.org/index.php/Donations/Donate-to-DBC.html
    ‘Tis the gift of giving season ; ) Join DBC with an obligation to deliver this consistent message getting the very access to ASL dedicated to babies and children, Deaf and Hearing alike! Again JC, thank you for dedicating to the pursuit of educational excellence for Deaf children (from Deaf children like you!)
    All the best, Tina Jo

  4. Hi Jehanne,

    A great interview. I really enjoyed watching your interviews and we are thankful that you have provided excellent video clips.

    Excellent job, Jehanne!


  5. Bonjour, Jehanne!

    You did a great interview! I salute you for that! Hope you will consider an interview with Ella Mae Lentz and Paul Boudreault.

  6. Jehanne,

    Thank you so much for your interview with Dr. Genie Gertz. I hope someday that you will get to interview Patrick Boudreault, they both were great speakers at DBC Milwaukee!

    Bilingually yours,

  7. Hi Sherii,

    The Deaf Community, myself included, truly appreciate your fierce
    loyalty for Deaf people. I hope that Jehanne will have an
    interview with you. 🙂

  8. A beautiful interview session. The content of this interview deserves to be permanently preserved and frequently referred to. Why? Genie’s responses will be helpful in providing many types of questions faced by Deaf persons through llife time. I like how she clarifies Deafhood as a process and Deaf Bilingual Coalition as a movement that reflects the process. the discussion is helpful in demystifing the notion of centeredness. Jehanne, you did your work very well!
    Dave Mason

  9. Jehanne,

    You did a beautiful job in interviewing Dr. Gertz! You are setting a fine example to everyone. Keep up the excellent work!

    Brenda Call

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