The Dark Truth Behind Every Slaughterhouse

19 thoughts on “The Dark Truth Behind Every Slaughterhouse”

  1. Bonjour, Jehanne,

    I am happy that you are a vegian. I hope that more and more young people will be influenced by your video! You have a talent to explain why people will have to come to the full realisation that not only is it unhealthy to eat meat, but it also is morally wrong to kill animals to eat meat. Vegetables, fruits, and nuts are for people.

    Gratefully yours!
    Jean who has not eaten meat for nearly 40 years!

  2. hi, sorry for not vlogging a reply as my computer with webcamera is out ‘sick’ and in need of new memory card. I hope my next reply is signed! I admire your reporting these ugly and tragic facts about slaughterhouse works. Since it is Lenten season and for some reason–I decided to go vegetarian not eat meat/flesh. I hope I make it! Wish me luck!

  3. I agree with you 100%. I am vegetarian for twenty-three years. I am glad that I did save many animals’ lives.

  4. Sorry, am not veg person, if I do, I’ll be dead or very very skinny and weak. Why? Because I have O postive blood type that required eat meat. If you have O negative or A postive or negative or B postive or negative then you don’t need meat. Simple put.

  5. Your video is very impressed.. My young daughter is vegetarain for four years.. I asked her why cant she eat no meat .. She said that she save animal’s live and care them.. I wish to be a vegetarain, but I couldnt able to eat vegetable due my stomach disease.. Poor animals and people need to eat meat.. I only eats fish and chicken.. smile πŸ™‚

  6. Silent Red Wolf – that is a big myth related to blood type. I am O blood type and I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. I am not weak or very skinny. I consider myself to be very healthy and rarely get sick.

  7. I have been meaning to post this. I am happy you shared this with others.

    I don’t get how can people live with themselves treating animals and mammals like what they did to the dolphins. There are a lot more of other mammals and animals going through the same thing. For example, thousands and thousands of harps (baby seals) are slaughtered every year for their white fur in Canada. Blood is seen splattered everywhere on the ice. Their mothers watch helplessly as their babies scream in agony when they are hammered and hooked. There are more I could add here but I think people wouldn’t stomach it.

    Cows, pigs. chickens and all other farmed animals are treated like how Jews and
    some other groups were treated at concentration camps. It breaks my heart. Those were enough for me to go the vegetarian route among other things.

  8. I just stumbled across your website. It looks fascinating. I am newly deaf, becoming deaf three days after knee surgery, so am very new at ASL, so missed most of what you signed. I am trying to learn on my own. Thank you for your passion and your energy.

  9. I am looseing my hearing due to Lupus and am considered profoundly hard of hearing and the lady at the audiologist taught me SEE sign. all great and good but i am trying to immerse myself in deaf community because doctor says ill be full deaf in amatter of months and then i learn that real deaf and deaf deaf use ASL. thank you for your passsion. I am learning and using ASL and when i watch you sign and understand all you sign i know i can understand other people who know asl. because my ASL has been new watching you helps me learn. thank you!!!

  10. Silent Red Wolf-yes Blood O Positive needs meat but I think you can find protein replacements like Morning Star’s Vegetarian Sausages, etc. Well, if you choose to eat meat, I respect that choice though. πŸ™‚

  11. Kim Cook-Aw, wish you can be vegetarian! At least, your daughter is! Happy for her πŸ™‚ Animals love her, for sure!!!!

  12. Susan-Really? Wow, I admire you for being O Blood Type, Positive and vegetarian!!! Do you need to eat meat replacements to stay health or what? Looking forward to hear from you! πŸ™‚

  13. Mary Dyer-wow, interesting. glad you are learning ASL, even you just became deaf way after you learned how to speak! πŸ™‚ Keep up with your good work!!! Thanks πŸ˜€

  14. A Little Girl With A Big Voice-unfortunately, yes its shocking but true. i cried and cried when i first knew the truth. well, if you became vegetarian, animals will admire you. people all over the world need to know the truth because it is the truth. I saw this quote somewhere before-If all slaughterhouses were built with glass walls, everyone will be vegetarian. Or something like that.

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