Audism Free America – Thursday


Jehanne McCullough, Patti Durr, Karen Christie, Tami Hossler, Melanie Anania, and Ruthie Jordan just before 9 am meeting


Chelsie Hossler, Laurie Meyer, and Tami Hossler  in front of AGB building


Melanie Anania and Tami Hossler  explaining AFA and Audism to police officer


Melanie Anania and I  leaving the meeting while three other AFA members  remain inside


Patti, Karen, and Ruthie leaving AGB building after the meeting


Ruthie reading the signed agreement from AGB to present AFA’s 3 demands to the AGB Board


Patti talking about the recent meeting; Bridget Klein videotaping


Judy Gough and Paddy Ladd discussing AFA rally at Gallaudet 


Ksenia Markel at the Blue Ribbon Ceremony


Alyce Reynolds with Gallaudet students


AFA signs

8 thoughts on “Audism Free America – Thursday”

  1. Nice photos of AFA rally at AGBell Buiilding. You and others are done a great job to make effort to challange the “Audists” AGB Organization. Currently, I am rolling my sleeves and will create new organization as others will do the same. Hopefully AFA can be partnership along our organizations as TEAMWOEK for future Deaf Civil Rights rallies.

  2. Jehanne,

    Thank you for sharing the photos. I wish the video had been allowed at the
    AFA meeting. The United Nations allows video – audio to record meetings as well as allows visitors (tourists) to listen.

  3. Excellent blog posting with superbu pic enclosures. Keep up the good work!

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    100% supporter for the Audism Free America

  4. Jehanne

    you da best!

    thanks for posting these pictures and for all u do and all u r

    we are unstoppable with u in the team

    Charles – let us know what u set up – more hands pushing to end audism – the faster we will get there

    Jean – yeah they may have had their own hidden cameras ; )

    we will try to get the CART transcript as we requested

    Jehanne – don’t stop!



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