Audism Free America Interview: Ruthie Jordan

14 thoughts on “Audism Free America Interview: Ruthie Jordan”

  1. Thank you Jehanne for the awesome interview with Ruthie Jordan!
    Now I know how AFA got started and clear up some wrong informations from the Sewer Guy.

    I wish I was there with you all.

  2. Yall need not be wasting your time and money trying to salvage manual communications for deaf babies.

    The oralists already has a 95% grip on the early hearing detection programs and they do it by talking to the parents by themselves than depending on sign language interpreters to get the message across. We have good results as 87% of the deaf children are oral already.

    I handle 19 hospitals in the southland already and I tell the parents that manual communications will bring a life of dependency to their deaf babies.

    Why you guys bark up AG Bell like the wrong tree when you should be barking up the hospitals where the deaf babies are being fixed and the oral deaf schools where deaf children are being taught life skills without manual communications.

  3. Over the Hill-You are welcome! And thanks for commenting on my vlog! You can try and be there next AFA event! 🙂

    Richard- Well, you are entitled to your opinion. Well, for your information, I consider myself a very independent person. And, I know ASL since birth, and look who I am now. -Jehanne

  4. Great interview, Jehanne….

    It was great meeting you at AFA! I really appreciate to learn how AFA had formed by Ruthie. Ruthie did a good job and pretty well effort. It was just a start. In near future, it may turn into something BIG than before, ever. We’ll see….

    Ignore RR, he is a real fool. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. All he does is sitting at his home and watches/stalks every vlog before making his vlogs to get back at them. That’s what he has been doing lately. He’s a piece of crap.

    Back to this subject….great job again, Jehanne!

    Insane Misha

  5. Thank you, Jehanne, for inviting Ruthie Jordan for an interview. I would like to pose a question to Ms. Jordan.

    During the meeting with the AGB’s Murphy, Graham, and the others last Thursday, did you remind them that the study conducted by the NIH which was published in LIFE Magazine in 1990/91 and reported by the CBS TV in 2000 has highly recommended that hearing parents learn home signs to which both hearing and deaf babies would easily channel visually — the study that shows that hearing babies have more frustrations with hearing parents for not understanding their gesturesI would love to hear theiy would have said whereas deaf babies have no frustrations with their signing parents.

    Or how did the AGB folks react when they saw Jehanne’s shirt depicting hearing babies signing happily while deaf babies crying unhappily with their hands being cuffed?

  6. Well done, Jehanne! Thanks for bringing us an interview with Ruthie Jordan, a very interesting person who is beginning to accumulate victories despite her young age! It was also good to see you there and through you, the future of the deaf tomorrow. All the best!

  7. Hi Jehanne, ( Love your name is so rare and beautiful names! )

    I applauded InsaneMisha about RR’s comment seem not make a sense and love to twist. I think you did right thing to say about his comment seem odd.

    I learn something what Rutie Jordon’s meaning serious with deaf service to be strong deaf community from AGBell. Thank you for sharing with Ruthie and your interviewer is alot of meaning to you. You are so great interview deaf related. And Hope to beat to Katie Courier, as much famous reporter. Not likely Barbara Walter.

  8. Misha-Yeah it was great to meet you at AFA rally, and you are right about RR. We have to ignore people who don’t understand and don’t want to try. 🙂

    Jean-Let’s wait for Ruthie to reply you, then. Thanks for commenting my vlog by the way!

    DeafPixie- Haha, I will TRY to beat Katie Courier but I won’t get my hopes high ;). Yes, everything you say, is true and I agree! 😀 *i was named after Joan of Arc, her real original name was Jehanne and thanks*


  9. Jehanne – Awesome interview

    thank u for doing this and posting it up for others to see

    Ruthie – don’t stop



  10. Wonderful interview! I’d love so much to join the AFA event the next time! I’d love to meet you in person as well. 🙂

    I would like to ask you about your name, Jehanne. It’s really a pretty name, where is it from? How did your parents find your name? I love your name!

  11. Misha,

    FYI I spent the weekend in Scottsdale AZ and I did a speech on future deaf generations at a luncheon there. 2 weeks ago I did 5 speeches at different high schools on the same subject and tonight I’m doing a speech in Westminster audiological dinner. Dont be telling everyone I sit home do nothing. I can get a lot more done in the lecture circuit than what you rage paraders can do barking up the wrong trees.

    Since most of you at the AFA rally were simply DVTV rage paraders, no wonder you got that kind of a denunciation from AG Bell.

    Maybe if you had a different face, different approach, and use different people, maybe you’d get a different, maybe better, response from AG Bell.

  12. Geez, I am admitting you that I was teasing you about being famous with Katie Courier. She is my most favorism is “Smile”

    Your mom must be proud of being Jehanne can doing well with your own research of AFA.

    By the way, I never know about Joan of Arc named Jehanne. Thanks,again!

  13. Greetings,

    Jehanne, a Joan of ARC!!! thank you so much for have an interview with me and put it in your vlog. thank you all for compliments about our interview and all of your spirits are with all of us, AFA always- if you couldn’t make it- we know you are there with us because we have our passion to change for our community to stop audism and it would ripples in each of your community areas. We believe that you will do something in your community as our spirits will be with you all to stand for AFA and stop audism.

    Richard- thank you for your comments and how could sign language be depend which it is a natural language that express from our brain and heart. It doesn’t matter how Deaf oral are well compare to sign language, we all are people of eyes and need to be respectfully equality. The oral method is invented by hearing people to FIX us to be like them. We, Deaf people do not need to be fix or force to have a training to learn to be hearing. We, Deaf people do have a common sense how to have a communicate and educate to hearing people to communicate with us. It is time to change for hearing people to open their mind to learn about our natural language and culture- Deaf people exists in the earth that use a sign language as a gifts for all of us in the world. Universe sends you a good karma.

    Jean, reply your question:
    Re: during the meeting with the AGB’s– I didn’t mentioned specifically about in the year 2000 has highly recommended that hearing parents learn sign languages, however I did mentioned that there have many researchers and educators prove that ASL is success for all babies (hearing/Deaf) and grows in children’s intelligent, social life, communication, and souls. I poked at Jehanne in the meeting to see how she is- she is only 12 years old, using ASL, have an intelligent, social skills, comprehension, even have a heart, brain, and soul therefore she is not need to be fixed. AG Bell members in the meeting denied and swing to give a comment that it is parent’s choices.

    Re: How did the AGB folks react- Jehanne did not wear that shirt in the meeting- we had a meeting on Thursday and Jehanne wore that shirt during the rally on Friday. The AG Bell member did not come out the AG BELL building only during a lunch hour. Smiles- I wish to know what AGB folks would react when they saw Jehanne’s shirt that day.

    Misha, thanks and glad you went to AFA rally. So sorry that you were sick and hope to recover better soon!

  14. Congrats ,Jehanne, you proved to all others that you can do anything and prove others that Being Deafness is not a burden at all and feel proud being a Deaf child.

    I love your quote “Well, for your information, I consider myself a very independent person. And, I know ASL since birth, and look who I am now.”

    I feel the same as I ‘m proud to be me and I am Deaf. AGB said the parents ‘ decision then what are they doing at first – Bull! They would not be there actively recurited hearing parents against nature of being Deaf and ASL.

    Again, Thank you for have Ruthie for an interview, keep it up!

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