DBC Interview Part 4: Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins, NAD President

Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins answers a BONUS Audism Free America (AFA) question at the end of the video!


22 thoughts on “DBC Interview Part 4: Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins, NAD President”

  1. Jehanne,

    Your interview with Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins was great! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Thanks again

  2. Excellent interview with Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins. Thanks for sharing with us about NAD President’s point of views over DBC/ AFA and Deafhood issues!

  3. Jehanne-

    I am still learning about EDHI and we really need to push legislators to pass the bill that all (not some but all) hospitals must provide information/resources about ASL…not cochlear implant and AVT resources only. Thanks for giving another interview and now many of us know you so we have to be prepared when you approach us with questions. Smile. Great job!

  4. Jehanna,

    In my comment posted on youyr Facebook vlog, I forgot to say that I would really like to see the NAD’s FULL position paper on the EDHI. So, I hope that the NAD will someday publish it in NADmag.

    Merci beaucoup!

  5. Jehanne – awesome job as always

    me need your autograph – smile

    someday someone will need to interview u

    Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins – thank you so much for taking the time to address these questions with Jehanne. Very glad to see that NAD is committed to combating audism and the preservation of ASL. Do hope the organization can tap more into Deaf cinema / film as Veditz and Roy Stewart did with the NAD motion picture project. Could do wonders with marketing ASL and being a change agent.

    Jehanne so who is left on your list of DBC keynotes to interview?

    Dr. Marlon (Lon) Kuntze?

    Jehanne – really u r a beacon of hope and a ray of sunshine. thanks for being my newest role model



  6. Jehanne, wow outstanding job interview!!! You are going to be a wonderful Deaf news reporter!!! Thank you sOOO much sharing with us all with your interview with NAD. Thanks Bobbie Scoggins for giving us more information about EDHI and I agreed with Jean Boutcher about having NADmag to publish the position paper on EDHI asap…

  7. Jehanne,

    You’re still a wonderful reporter who is giving out some great interviews! You did a great job. Thank you for that.

    Dr. Scoggins, thank you for taking your time to answer those questions. I really appreciate that since we all strive to learn more on those issues and whatnot.

    Again, thank you.

    Insane Misha

  8. hi, thanks for sharing this interview. BBS is an eloquent speaker and an excellent role model. wow!

    by the way, can I offer some constructive criticism to help? I notice that when you do interviews, its sometimes hard to understand you signing as you don’t face the camera. I believe it would help if ur mom or someone who is filming could direct the camera totally on you when you are questioning the candidate and then when you are finished signing, the camera can then turn over to the candidiate while they
    are answering your questions. just like Bob’s vlog, the camera is aimed directly at President Davilia when he is talking or asking questions and then moves over to the person answering back. it is a lot easier on the eyes and its much more enjoyable.

    as always, jehanne, you have a lot of potential and keep up with the good work. hope u can interview more people like ella may lenz, and few others.

  9. Jehanne, Hands-waving and kudos to you!! Thanks for having an interview with NAD President’ We need more people like you! We, NAD, DBC, AFA and Deaf community CAN CHANGE the world! Yes, we can!!!

    Our Deaf souls would be proud of us and always be with us!!

    Let Freedom Roll!

  10. Jehanne: You’re champ as usual. Keep it up with good work. You’re our future. Thank you so much.

    Jean: I agreed with you about the NAD’s FULL position paper on the EDHI.

    Bobbie: Your comment about Deafhood made me wonder if you actually did read Paddy Ladd’s book or take the workshop? The reason I questioned your comment is that you said Deafhood is a label which it isn’t accurate. The concept of Deafhood is a process.

    “Deafhood means a process, a journey for all Deaf people. It is not a measurement who is Deaf and who is not. It is a process of becoming the best Deaf human being one can become.” Dr. Genie Gertz

    “This is not about labeling one another, not about whether you are a big “D” or a small “d”. This is about all of us being deaf with full support of everyone’s journey to reach Deafhood. That is to unite us all, not to divide us.” Dr. Genie Gertz

  11. Everyone-thanks!

    Penny-haha very funny but, yes you should be prepared!

    Jean-I absolutely agree with you.

    Patti- Yes, Dr. Marlon (Lon) Kuntze is the last one, then I’m retired! Haha just kidding, I will still interview random people.

    Deafmommy- Thanks and I will consider your feedback. I think some people like to see listener’s reactions. Thanks, again!

    Aidan- I agree with you!

  12. Jehanne, you rock! Gotta tell Barbara Walters to move over! It is awesome for you to collect a series of interview in your archives where viewers are able to gather information from leaders and their positions. I am going to get in line for autographs!

    I am delighted to see Bobbie Beth Scoggins in your interview. There are some pieces of information I would like to add especially about DBC’s role in EHDI. There were, I believe, nine DBC members presented at a recent EHDI conference and some of us gave workshops and even set up a booth with a large banner and marketed ASL right there using Dawn Sign Press materials on the booth. I can say that DBC definitely walked the talk (or sign in that matter) that a lot was done in a short time. DBC’s job is not over and never will be as it continues to expand with more resources and community involvement.

    As for DBC collaborating with NAD, there are some chapters affiliating with the state association of the Deaf. Some of the states accepted to work with DBC easily and some did not so NAD needs to work with state associations to give them a message that it is crucial to work with DBC.

    Once again, thank you for your great deal of effort to gather interviews which have proven to be invaluable resources of the Deaf community. As we all embark on our journey as we call it Deafhood which applies to everyone regardless of the status and position. It is not like for anyone to “graduate” from it as the definition stands for unity and humanity. Perhaps you may want to consider interviewing with Paddy Ladd someday to help better understand Deafhood, smiles!

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