Myths about Greyhounds

11 thoughts on “Myths about Greyhounds”

  1. I just have to say, you are so AWESOME!! I hope you are incredibly proud of yourself, because you are so amazing. You have a wonderful blog/vlog, and I am so impressed with all of the interviews you have on your website. I would never have dreamed of doing that at your age, or even now! You’re going to go places, girl!

    — Katie

  2. Allo Jehanne,

    I have a fascination for the way your dog, Chrome, runs. When you put the videoclip into a slow motion, I can very clearly see the gracefulness in the way he runs. Truly beautiful! Thank you for “educating” me about the weight of Greyhound dogs.

  3. Thanks for bringing awareness and opting to adopt one in need from rescue or shelter. These animals in rescue often come from shelters. We actually save lives when going to these places as 6-8 million of domestic animals are euthanized every year.

    Greyhound Rescue began mainly due to the killing of them after they no longer bring $$ for these humans behind the push for racing and betting. Now, with the rescue, these greyhounds have a place to go instead of being left to starve or be killed.

    A ton of dead greyhounds were piled up like how we see the Jews during the Nazi. It was heartbreaking when I saw these pictures years ago, probably at a time when greyhounds were not as lucky as they are now. More and more greyhound racing are banned in many other states. I think Florida is the last state or one of few that a group of people are fighting to have banned. With less states allowed for racing, less greyhounds in need and greyhound rescues are
    not as overwhelmed, which is good.

    I have met several greyhounds. Like any other breeds I come across, they’re wonderful. Guess I’m just biased about how I feel towards any animals even insects! πŸ™‚ I used to live with someone who fostered a greyhound when I had Marley. I still have a video of her with this greyhound chasing after her around the yard. It was cute and funny. Imagine 50 lbs vs. 11 lbs. They both were fast at a short distance but as soon as Marley knew she can’t keep up and stay away from her, she went under the table to rest before darting out again, on it goes πŸ™‚
    If you want, I can email you the video.

    There are some greyhounds that kill critters and some don’t get along with cats. Like any breeds, some do and some don’t within the same breed. What you said about greyhounds getting along with other dogs and people make sense as socialization in dogs is crucial at a young age and it is up to people to do it right.

    Enjoy your time having Chrome in your life!

  4. Sweet dog, Chrome. Very informative. I miss my deaf dog, Burton, an Aussie Shepherd. By the way, I do wonder if there are deaf greyhounds, hmm? Anyway, here’s a nice website for deaf dogs if you never seen this…

    Woof, woof yours, Darren

  5. Hi Darren, I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about Australian Shepherds and glad you had this opportunity and do consider adopting another one!

    There are deaf greyhounds although rare and not sure where they initially came from. Greyhounds often are dealt by these people involved with betting and racing so I’m not sure if they euthanize deaf greyhound pups because it’s almost unheard of that we see a retired deaf greyhound from racing through rescue.

    There is a deaf dog in every breed. In general, some breeders of all kind of breeds euthanize deaf pups as young as 4-8 weeks old upon learning of their deafness. Breeders put a price tag on a dog like a property and deaf pups don’t bring them $$ therefore they’re worthless. Deaf or hearing, they shouldn’t be brought to earth when there’s not enough homes for all that’s already here.

  6. Jeanne,

    Awesome vlog about your “Chrome” dog! I am sure that you just only experience your own greyhound, but with other greyhounds with different people.

    Chrome the dog is just a lucky one with great affectionate family like yours.

    Greyhounds are the breed come to the last 300 years which they have been desiginated that way.

    I am sure that there will be a dramatic evolution of greyhound dogs in next 40 years if many greyhounds are banned from competing in betting races. I am much for the ban of greyhound races.

    I dislike most is the Greyhound bus service which it really is very awful bus service. I have not used that service for more than 20 years.


  7. Hello Jeanne,

    My name is Seth Gerlis with DeafNation News, I would like to send you an e mail to see if you would like to talk about your success with your v log with us through videophone interview,

    I have read your web site, and would like to interview with you.. Please let me know and thanks..

    Looking forward..


    Seth Gerlis
    DeafNation News

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