Jehanne on Nick News with Linda Ellerbee



6 thoughts on “Jehanne on Nick News with Linda Ellerbee”

  1. Saw you on nick news

    Make a vid about teaching how to do sign language because…its very…very..strange…and i wana learn badly.

  2. Niehlieh-Well, I can try but I know that there are many videos about learning sign language. Try and google it up! Good luckk and please let me know if you find anything

  3. Miley-thankss! i hope you can learn some ASL soon! I think there are many signing videos that are for people who want to learn ASL on internet, so you can try and google it up??? Good luck 😀

  4. I saw you on Nickelodeon. Then, I saw you taking up hot issues, like should kids be able to protest, and other things. What is up with that? Do you like politics? Oh, I also saw your little 32 minute video about cochlear implants. Liked it so much, I referred it to a ASL teacher that is deaf. She got all excited about it.

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