“I Sign and I Live” by Aidan Mack: My Acting Debut


Click on the image above to see the 32-minute film about a Deaf teacher and her Deaf niece (played by me!). This film is related to cochlear implants and suppression of ASL. Please let me know what you think! Thank you for watching.


20 thoughts on ““I Sign and I Live” by Aidan Mack: My Acting Debut”

  1. Hi my star Jehanne,

    I had a wonderful experience working with you. You are so natural with acting. I really enjoyed directing you. Keep it up with your acting.. You have talents..


  2. I watched the movie. You did a great job Jehanne! Your expressions were so genuine and touching. I watched it all the way through. Beautiful scenic environment. Makes me want to go there. Ha. How do you feel after your first acting debut? What’s next for you? The Deaf community has watched you grow in the vlogosphere, dear one. You continue to win the hearts of many.

    ~ LaRonda

  3. I enjoyed the video. You are such an inspiration, Jehanne! You are an amazingly versatile girl — last week, you were an atheltic; yesterday, you were an interviewer; today, you are an actor! Your Moms are tremendously proud of you! πŸ˜€

  4. I too had some difficulty getting the video to work until a box came up that I had to download a program for it to work (similar to these programs to watch movies and other features, darn, I forget what it’s called, even though I already had it downloaded before). It’s definitely worth figuring out or go to a different computer with various features – it brought goose bumps and chills!

    Wonderful job Jehanne!

  5. What an ambitious project this was! All people were challenged in their skills and came off great for a beginning! Congratulations to all and hope to see more projects from you all in the future! Cheers and handwaving!

  6. Jehanne, your acting was good. I think you have great potential. However, I can’t say the same for the plot of the movie. It wasn’t realistic and it implies that anyone who gets an cochlear implant will die.

    Realistically, there have been family members who have opposed signs for their own child even though they have a sibling or other family members who signs. It’s pure ignorance and inability to accept differences that are out there.

    Didn’t like the story line. A lot more research should have been done to make it a reality. If in fact, death had occurred, a much more realistic movie could be made based on a true story. I’m sure isolated cases had happened where something went wrong as is true in many cases where surgery is involved. When you have majority of Cochlear Implants that are walking around very ALIVE and doing well, it kind of makes a mockery of the film itself.

    Again, another example of “audism” gone wild.

    The only thing good about the film is several good actors, including yourself that deserves to be in a better scripted film.

  7. Jehanne,

    You are a star! I enjoyed watching you in Aidan’s film. Thank you for sharing the link with all of us.


    Where did the film say that ANYONE with CI will die? Come on, it is just a movie. I am sure you watched enough films to know many films are unrealistic, but may send important messages and make us think.

    In fact, my hearing sister signed, but she refused to let her son sign. I was angry with her for years, but I did not have much control. Unfortunately, her son ended up not being a brilliant guy due to language deprivation. I speak from my experience. The film reminds me of my own story.

    The film is only 32 minutes. It is my understanding that Aidan was a student making this film with limited budget. There is a lot of things the community does not understand about the filming world.


  8. I saw you on Nickelodeon. Then, I saw you taking up hot issues, like should kids be able to protest, and other things. What is up with that? Do you like politics? Oh, I also saw your little 32 minute video about cochlear implants. Liked it so much, I referred it to a ASL teacher that is deaf. She got all excited about it.

  9. Thanks, everyone!! πŸ™‚

    Aidan-I enjoyed working with you too! I believe you have potential for making films!

    LaRonda-Thanks so much! I enjoyed being a part of this film, and it was a great experience! I don’t know what’s next for me, really. I just will keep making vlogs until something new appears. I appreciate your positiveness! πŸ™‚

    Andi-Try clicking the preview box off and then click again. You need to wait a few minutes. The video should start!

    Carolynn-You might want to check this link out, it is a website where you can learn basics of ASL, etc. http://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/ There are many more websites where you can learn! Google if you want to. πŸ™‚ Keep it up! Where do you live? You might can go to nearby community college or your school for ASL classes.

    Jean Boutcher-Thankss!

    Gamas- Thanks, and, well, the film didn’t say everyone with cochlear implant will die. The film showed some problems, and what some children with cochlear implant went through. My best friend has a cochlear implant and she really suffered a lot from it and hated it. But, her parents made her to use the cochlear implant. Some friends of mine liked their cochlear implants, and I am fine with it. Only, I am not fine with the right of using ASL taken away from children to improve their speaking skills and some children being forced to have CIs. There are many stories, like JD’s. Thanks for your feedback, though. I am very honored to be in this film, and this film gave me a lot of filming experience. I have to thank the director for giving me those experiences and gaining my publicity.

    JD-Thanks, and agreed. I am so sorry about your sister’s son! I am sure he went through a lot, and I feel bad for him. I am so thankful my moms taught me ASL and gave me ASL environment to grow up in, if i’m switched to an oral program, I’ll be very heartbroken.

    Walter Figueroa-Ha, I love politics. Thanks for sharing it with the ASL teacher, and I am glad she’s excited! πŸ™‚

    Again, thanks everyone.

  10. I am impressed that many of the children in the movie are children of prominent Deaf leaders in this large Deaf community. It is my understanding that many scenes were filmed at the Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick. It is nice to know there are Deaf leaders in the Metro Washington area who support the film enough to let their children in the film.

    As always, you did a great job. You deserve it.

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