My Interview with Marlee Matlin (cc)

Click here to see the actual FCC field hearing: Watch Marlee Matlin at the FCC hearing on Broadband Access (cc).

P.S.  Please be patient with me.  It is my first time captioning my video.  Enjoy!



35 thoughts on “My Interview with Marlee Matlin (cc)”

  1. Beautiful Job! You rock! I’m so proud of you! My smile moved higher and higher to end. Not bad with putting subtitles on. You did do good for first time… You will get it… Thanks for you time to interview Marlee Matlin, Aidan

    Thank you, Marlee Matlin for taking action about CC on the internet.

  2. I am surprised that I could understand Marlee Matlin for the VERY first time. When she gives presentation on stage I could hardly follow her because she moved her mouth too much while she signs…used too much English so I had to rely on CC like when I watched President Davila. This time MM did not move her mouth too much and signed ASL! I think perhaps she is more comfortable on one to one basis and you are Deaf too. Interesting. I wish she can do that when she is on stage. It is very rare nowdays to find Deaf person on stage to sign ASL and nothing else. Thanks for sharing your video with us.

  3. Jehanne, good job as always! I love your interviews. You are our Deaf Barbara Walters!!

    Penny, I agree with you. Marlee is so easy to understand this time. She uses more ASL with Jehanne. Jehanne is probably the first Deaf person Marlee Matlin talks to on air (internet/TV). Having a Deaf person to talk to lessens the tendency to codeswitch (switching from ASL to more English) which makes it very difficult for Deaf people to follow what is being said. I feel more connected to Marlee through this vlog than ever. Thanks to Jehanne!

  4. [..YouTube..] cool! Glad Marlee took time to talk with you for this vlog and I’m impressed as always that you are able to set up time and interview various Deaf leaders. You’re our Deaf Oprah and/or Barbara Walters!

  5. [..YouTube..] Wow, it must be nice to meet her! Good job on the questions, and of course excellent answers from Marlee. I have always wanted closed caption on the Internet like you do on TV. TVs have a caption decoder built in them. There should be like a similar thing for the Internet, where we can still turn it on and off to our preference.

  6. Jehanne,
    I glad you doing an interview with people that i knew and YOU are something that Deaf Community and I indeed look forward to your future, Keep up your good work…
    I hope you will follow like Barbara Walters!
    Wish you a good luck.

  7. Nice work.

    I keep trying to re-watch, because I can’t figure out how to correctly sign captioning on the internet. (I think I usually sign something like “sentences on the vlog, I’m not sure”).

  8. Great job as always! Yes I also noticed that Marlee signs ASL better everytime I see her sign. That’s because she is willing to learn and incorporate ASL in her life. That’s a positive sign! 🙂

  9. *jaws dropping*

    Wow…truly impressed!

    You did a great job on both captioning the video and the interview itself with Marlee Matlin.

    She looks absolutely gorgeous and she’s older than me… *mutters* 😉 And I have four kids like her!!

    Maybe you can uh…set me up with her to work out together to get ME in shape? 😀

    Anyway, great job, beautiful young ladies! (I’m kinda lying to one *wink*)

  10. [..YouTube..] 5 stars for you. A great interview! By the way … I noticed your left hand looks dark. Did you work on the art project or ??

  11. Congratulations on your fantastic interview with Marlee!! You asked all the right questions too!! We do need subtitles/CC on internet for over in England too!! How can we make sure we do that? We do have some tv websites where we can view programmes in CC/subtitles but not every site is able to work like that!

  12. Great interview! I never thought about having closed captioning for the internet. Obviously, everyone uses the internet regardless if they are deaf or hearing. Closed Captioning would be helpful.

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