9 thoughts on “The Endeavor: Deaf Teenager Combines Love of Politics and Life”

  1. Bonjour Jehanne,

    This is a very interesting, concise autobiography! I see that you have a passion in politics! Moi aussi. Within five years, you can become a registered voter!

  2. Beautiful article!! I wonder…with so many various passions and experiences…what will you major in (I know, not now, but the time will fly and be here soon!) and be your career (already starting it now?)? You’re lucky to have many options to consider. Keep enjoying life and politics! Hugs.

  3. i just found this blog and am thrilled to find out all about this. is there any where i can read your bio? i’d love to know more about you.🙂

    keep it up and i def will come back to read more!


  4. Nice article. Keep doing what you are doing. You will certainly continues to support ASL by staying in Politics.

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