DNC Journal Entry: Day Five

Note: I am currently in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. I am attending an academic seminar this week and will be doing a fieldwork placement during the convention next week. I am writing a daily journal to reflect on my experience and will post my entries here. Enjoy! 

Day Five

This morning, we had the opportunity to tour the Wells Fargo Center where the Democratic National Convention (DNC) will take place, which gave me a better idea of where I will be doing my fieldwork placement. My fieldwork placement is with the DNC Committee in the Wells Fargo Center. I will get more information about my duties during the training tomorrow evening. I start on Monday and my shifts will be from 5pm to 11pm-1am. What time I finish will vary every night.

My two primary goals during the convention are to make connections with people involved with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, especially in the disability area, and meet people in the Maryland state delegation. I also want to attend at least one caucus meeting, such as the one for women. I am curious to see what a caucus meeting is like.

As I am currently doing Deaf People for Hillary capstone project, I will benefit from making connections in Hillary’s campaign. It may help with what I plan to do for my project this fall. I already know a Hillary delegate, who is heavily involved with the disability community, and we plan to meet sometime during the convention. I will go from there and see who else I can meet and make connections with for future endeavors.

Regarding my second goal, I would love to be part of Maryland state delegation someday. I have been much more involved with politics on the national level, but I think if I really want to pursue a career in politics, it is important for me to meet and get to know people from my state. There are numerous ways in how I can work with my state for changes.

I will contact several Maryland delegates through social media and see what is the best way to meet with them. If I happen to see Maryland delegates at the convention, I plan to approach them and introduce myself. The Maryland state delegation’s official hotel is the Hilton Inn at Penn, so I may stop by at their hotel and see with whom I may be able to talk to. Without a doubt, next week will be an exciting one, filled with opportunities to meet new people and witness herstory in the making!


See a white podium in the background? This is where Hillary Clinton will be nominated as the first female presidential candidate of a major party in the United States!



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