DNC Journal Entry: Day Six

Note: I am currently in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. I attended an academic seminar this week and will be doing a fieldwork placement during the convention. I am writing a daily journal to reflect on my experience and will post my entries here. Enjoy! 

Day Six

Last Thursday, I went to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) Volunteer Kickoff party at Penn’s Landing. I do not think I have ever seen so many American flags at one event before! I loved how patriotic the party was. They gave out a lot of free food, beers, and things for volunteers. There were even mini decorative American flags for us to bring home! I ended up bumping into the same woman I met a day earlier at the Hillary Clinton campaign office where some of us made official signs for the DNC. That woman loved our Deaf-related signs and asked if she could post pictures of us on her Facebook. It turns out that she is also a volunteer for the convention! Again, it is a small world. Perhaps, both Hillary and Deaf worlds are small!

As I had some free time today before my DNC training in the evening, I took the opportunity to go to different Political Fest exhibits around the city. Philadelphia is hosting numerous events during the DNC like Political Fest. It is a series of political-related events & exhibits in different parts of Philadelphia. With my credentials, I have free access to all Political Fest attractions. In one location near the Pennsylvania Convention Center, I saw the actual last “safe car” that John Fitzgerald Kennedy rode in only a few hours before he was fatally shot. I also saw a replica of the fuselage in Air Force One.

There was also a huge campaign button collection shop in the Political Fest and I loved seeing vintage campaign buttons of Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro’s campaign. Ferraro was the first female vice-presidential nominee of a major party in the United States and I felt like it was fitting for me to see her buttons right before the first female is nominated for president by a major party. We cannot forget the strong women who blazed the trail for Hillary.






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