DNC Journal Entry: Day Seven

Note: I am currently in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. I attended an academic seminar last week and am doing a fieldwork placement during the convention. I am writing a daily journal to reflect on my experience and will post my entries here. Enjoy! 

Day Seven

Last night, some of us who have fieldwork placements with the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and will work as Access Control volunteers went to the volunteer training at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This is where caucus and council meetings will take place. During the training tonight, people in charge of the Access Control Team explained to us volunteers about our duties and other details about the convention. I will be working at the Wells Fargo Center everyday from Monday to Thursday. I will always need to show up at 2:30 pm and should be able to leave by 11:30 pm every night, but it depends on how late the convention ends each night.

Basically, I will be responsible for screening attendees’ credentials when they enter the specific area where I will be assigned to work. People will wear different types of credentials at the convention and all of them have different colors. Not all locations inside the Wells Fargo Center will be open to all attendees. I will have to check the colors and dates of people’s credentials and make sure that they have access to a certain area on that day before permitting them to pass and enter the location. The trainers showed us a diagram that indicated what areas people with each color have access to. I will receive more details about this during my first shift tomorrow when I know which area I will be assigned to, but this is the general idea of what I will be doing during the convention. I, along with two other Gallaudet students assigned to the same area, will have interpreters with us, so we can answer people’s questions about where to go. Our yellow volunteer shirts have huge ASK ME words on the back.

It is hard to believe that the first week is over and today is the last day before the DNC begins tomorrow! I used the free time that I had to finish up my first week’s essay, go to several other Political Fest exhibits, and see more parts of Philadelphia. I knew I probably would not have much time this week, so I did all of these things today. This week will be exciting. More to come soon!

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