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My 2014 Valedictorian Speech

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Slut Walk at MSD

We, the female students of Maryland School for the Deaf, were inspired by DeafHope’s video, “Why is Shoshannah Stern Pissed Off” to do Slut Walk which were already done by many cities. Slut Walk event is when many women dress like slut to show that it’s never their fault for rape incidents no matter how they dress. Enjoy the video!

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Fifteen by Taylor Swift in ASL

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Cucso, Peru’s Deaf School

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My Interview with Marlee Matlin (cc)

Click here to see the actual FCC field hearing: Watch Marlee Matlin at the FCC hearing on Broadband Access (cc).

P.S.  Please be patient with me.  It is my first time captioning my video.  Enjoy!


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“I Sign and I Live” by Aidan Mack: My Acting Debut


Click on the image above to see the 32-minute film about a Deaf teacher and her Deaf niece (played by me!). This film is related to cochlear implants and suppression of ASL. Please let me know what you think! Thank you for watching.

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The Dark Truth Behind Every Slaughterhouse

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